About Moreno

Established in 2002, Moreno is an Indonesian interior design firm specializing in private residential homes, apartments, offices, and commercial/retail spaces. Emphasizing modern luxury through timeless European designs, Moreno offers tailor made interior design and furniture, pairing high quality materials with maximum functionality. At Moreno, we believe comfort, durability and a touch of luxury are all essential to create a Comfortable living space. Our work has been published by many media including Laras Magazine, Home Diary, Bravacasa, and ID Design.


Our Service

Moreno caters to all of your interior design needs with a one-to-one consultation service, including 3D design, design and build services (construction and installation), and custom-made furniture. Clients’ personal taste, needs and expectations are our highest priority, while also striving to achieve picture perfect esthetiques.

Our Products

Crafted from the finest quality materials, Moreno offers tailor made furniture including custom size/custom shape furniture. Our basic furniture collection includes Dining set, Bedroom set, Kitchen set and TV set. Hi gloss furniture and European ‘finishing’ are our specialty, and we ensure all our products are of premium quality. Our interior design services include furniture layout, color scheme, and many more.


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